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See Jane Invest Podcast

Jul 23, 2018

Does being “too nice” work against you in business?

Is being nice a detriment if you're a woman with ambition? Do you become someone you hate in order to succeed in your career?

Today’s guest, Fran Hauser, doesn’t think so. Author of The Myth of the Nice Girl, she believes women in business can present their whole self, be grounded in what they do, and not have to compromise their sense of what it means to be a compassionate person with empathy.

Best known for her role of building (one of the biggest media brands online), Hauser has a big interest in helping female founders. She made the leap to early-stage investing in 2014, funding advising consumer-focused companies such as HelloGiggles, Mogul, The Wing and Gem & Bolt. Fran brings a fresh perspective to the business world, and I’m so excited to welcome her to the show.

Notable Moments:

  • Fran shares what your own body can teach you about whether an interaction was productive or not.  
  • Learn what one thing investors always look for in a pitch (hint, it may not be what you think...)
  • How to differentiate being a pushover and being nice.
  • The best way to develop emotional boundaries.
  • Ways to address an issue without seeming confrontational or aggressive.
  • How to stay civil -- even when others don’t.

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